What is a Hybrid Floor Plan Tour?

May 20, 2020

Real Estate agents are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to stand out among the crowd. That is why we get this question a lot, “What is a Hybrid Floor Tour?”

Launched just over a year ago, a Hybrid Floor Plan Tour is the combination of 3D, photos, and floor plans in one seamless product. Using cutting-edge technology and DSLR high-quality images, the unique product is sure to make a listing stand out. Many are familiar with our traditional, , easy-to-use, Floor Plan Tours that embed photos to be displayed when hovering over labels and dots on the floor plan. The Hybrid Floor Plan Tour takes it a step further in providing an immersive view. These tours include blue spins embedded into the floor plan that when hovered over display a full 3D view of that room.

What are the Benefits?


This virtual tour reigns supreme in providing flexibility to viewers. Potential buyers can navigate the user-driven experience at their own pace, taking the time they wish to focus on specific aspects the home. It provides the planning ability of a floor plan with the immersive touch of 3D to give viewers confidence that they have seen the full property. Because this tour allows such flexible viewing it is also an excellent choice for properties that might have a wide range of age demographics interested.


This virtual tour offers the immersive component of a 3D Tour at a different price point. Each includes a floor plan, enough photos to best showcase the property, and Three 3D Spins in agent-selected locations. This allows for an excellent view of the property without needing 2 or more separate tours to provide information.


Delivered as a virtual tour link, the hybrid tour can be added to your MLS system without any additional steps. The 3D Spins can also be downloaded individually as photos and uploaded into Facebook where their 3D player will automatically display as a 3D image. The photos and floor plans that accompany them are available for download as well to provide well-rounded marketing.

How is it different from a 3D Tour?

Hybrid Floor Plan Tours are navigated by hovering over a space on the floor plan, then the corresponding image or 3D Spin will display full screen. The three (3) 3D Spins showing a full 360 degree view of a room are embedded into a floor plan, rather than linked together.

TruFusion 3D Tours are a full 360 degree view of every room in the space that are navigated by viewers clicking the arrows to the next room within the 3D tour or using the photo-slider navigation to jump to a specific room. Both tours use the same technology and editing processes to ensure vibrant view with clear windows and a blue sky.

When should I use a Hybrid Floor Plan Tour?

Does your listing have a few features or areas that you would like to highlight to make it stand out against the rest? Perhaps the kitchen was recently remodeled with stainless appliances, the master bedroom has a beautiful vaulted ceiling, or the view from the back deck is a key selling feature. If this is the case, the Hybrid Floor Plan Tour might be the perfect fit as it provides the details to see the whole property but places a natural emphasis on the best areas.