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Why TruPlace

Since 2003, TruPlace has been bringing quality innovation to the marketplace in a way that helps to sell or rent a property at its highest value.

Co-founders Bob and Suzi Cusack had a property they wanted to rent out to vacationers, but they didn’t feel like the photos alone did the two-story ski lodge enough justice. So, Bob, being the engineer, designed a way to make the floor plan of the home interactive.

By making the room labels on the floor plan hyperlinks, he created TruPlace’s signature product, the Interactive Floor Plan Tour.

Soon, vacation rental companies were ordering Interactive Floor Plans in bulk.

However, the photography needed to look great as well, so a large network of professionals was established to make the Interactive Floor Plan tour look its best. Inevitably, real estate agents who were selling the vacation homes also noticed these tours and began to request them on their sales listings.

Today, TruPlace continues to
provide world-class service

Today, TruPlace continues to provide world-class service and innovation to real estate agents, vacation rental companies, corporate housing providers, and retirement living communities, not to mention commercial real estate.

The majority of our clients continue to come through referrals because of the level of quality and integrity behind our work. Property visuals are about more than just photography, which is why TruPlace continues to stand out as the preferred premium property visuals provider.

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