How do I place an order?

For Residential Real Estate: To place an order, you can fill out the Order Form, which does not include pricing information. We will contact you to confirm your order, confirm the total cost, and schedule your appointment. You can also give us a call at 301-972-3201 Option 1 or send us an email.

For all other industries: To obtain pricing, please use the Order Form.

What locations do you service?

We offer self-service property visuals virtually everywhere. We offer services in these areas.

Why Do You Price Based On Bedroom Count?

Listing agents don’t always know the exact square footage for a property when they request a photoshoot. But they usually always know how many bedrooms it has. To make things easier, we price by bedroom count, which also tends to work out better in terms of cost savings on higher-end homes.

How fast is your turnaround?

We offer next business day delivery following the appointment. We offer Saturday delivery for an additional fee.

How far out are you scheduling appointments?

We are generally scheduling 1 to 3 business days out, depending upon the location and size of the property or project. We are closed on the weekends and major holidays, so most appointments are requested during regular business hours, either through the Order Form or by calling us.

What if it rains the day of my appointment?

If it is raining too heavily to get a usable photo, we will proceed with the interior work on the property. We will take up to five complimentary exterior photos on the next available sunny day. If it is light rain, we will process the exteriors with complimentary Blue Sky results.

Can exterior shots be taken now, if the interior is not ready to be photographed? Will there be a separate fee for that?

We are able to take the exterior photos of your listing now, and schedule a second appointment to do the interiors at a later time. Exterior-only shoots are $115.

Can you edit out unwanted features of a property?

We pride ourselves on not misrepresenting a property. We are happy to touch up items that come and go, such as blue skies, green grass, etc., but draw the line at editing out eyesores such as power lines, stains, roof repairs, etc. Photo edits and enhancements (other than Blue Sky) are an additional fee.

I already have floor plans. Can I just have you do our photography?

Absolutely. Your photos, our photos, it’s your choice. We have a package to suit just about every situation and budget.

How do you measure the Floor Plan?

Square footage calculations are measured from the inside of the exterior framed walls including basement, garage, open to below (unless dashed lines), stairs, closets, and hallways; and do not include decks and other areas drawn with dashed lines. The photographs, floor plans, and videos are for representation purposes only. Have a licensed appraisal performed for definitive measurements.

How do I access my visuals?

The TruPlace Client Portal hosts all your visuals, links, and QR codes. You can download them from there for up to 365 days after the shoot.

Who owns the photos after they are delivered?

You do! Once you purchase photos and/or videos from TruPlace, you own the right to those images. You can post the images on social media or wherever you need to help sell/rent your property.

Where can I publish my property visuals?

Once linked to your MLS number, your MLS typically distributes to multiple sites based on how your brokerage membership is structured. Short-term and long-term rental properties can expect to see their interactive floor plan tours on 3rd party hosting sites as well. Additional embed links are provided within the Client Portal.

Can I link the tours on my website?

Yes. We provide links to embed the tours directly into your site. We also provide a link for a widget or a page overlay. All links are easily accessible in your Client Portal.