Benefits of Aerial Drone Images in Your Real Estate Listing

April 13, 2021

Real Estate is a super competitive industry, we all know this. How do you stay above the competition, stand out, and dangle your listing in front of the most interested buyers? There are lots of tools you can use from professional floor plans to walkthru video tours. Great images are among the highest necessity for a real estate listing. However, one tool that is sometimes underutilized by agents is the stunning and captivating, aerial shot.

Aerial drone photography is the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or, more commonly, as a drone. Drone photography often allows a first-person view that would normally be cost-prohibitive.

Aerial images taken with professional drone pilots can be extraordinary. Images showcase the entire property and surrounding area, but they can also capture more than you imagined, like a neighborhood vibe. Drone images create a unique view of the home while helping the buyer get a complete lay of the land.

While drones may be a must-have for luxury listings, grand homes and estates are not the only property types that can benefit from aerial photography. All listings have proven to sell faster with more offerings of images; therefore, consideration of aerial shots should not be taken lightly. In fact, MLS says that homes with aerial images sell 68% faster than homes with only standard images. A multi-acre ranch in Dallas, Texas might require a drone video to give a full sense of the property. However, drone photography for an Atlanta, Georgia listing showing the beautiful back yard can be just as valuable for the real estate agent.

TruPlace Elevated Photography

Of course, one caveat to drone and aerial photography is that there are some places that do not allow drone fly-overs, like Washington, DC. However, there is a way to still get the variety needed by capturing Elevated Images. TruPlace is able to capture elevated photography using an extended reach camera. This can photograph impressive images for your listing above two-story living rooms and sweeping views from the house without disrupting any laws or rules.

Not everyone has the capability to capture aerial images. If you own a drone it is not enough to get out there as a hobbyist or let your nephew who is ‘good with technology’ capture your shots. Not only is there an issue of clear, quality images with a DIY approach, but potential liability for flying without a license. TruPlace offers dynamic aerial products with professional editing and is compliant with FAA Section 333 and fully insured.

Impress your buyers by letting them know you are willing to keep up with trends to make their property listings among the most competitive. Show off as much of the listing as possible including the roofing, pool, or land to highlight all the potential benefits. Aerial shots make all these things easy to see and appealing to prospective buyers. Showing versatility in your listing goes a long way so don’t overlook the use of aerial photography.