Direct Booking Strategies for Short-Term Rentals

Unleash the power of our cutting-edge solutions to transform your property marketing and boost your direct booking strategies. With interactive floor plan tours, HDR photography, and captivating slideshows and vertical videos, we redefine the way you connect with potential guests. Discover the key to boosting direct bookings and unlocking the full potential of your vacation rental brand. Explore the future of property marketing with TruPlace.

Stunning Photography for Direct Bookings

Where it can be used: Your direct website, email marketing campaigns, social media, paid advertising campaigns.

Why professional photography? You only have mere seconds to capture a potential guest’s attention while they’re searching for a home. If your marketing has directed someone to your website or social media, photography is the building block for developing a relationship with them. 

Ways to use it:

  • Use photography placement on your website carousel to keep guests engaged (balcony shots, water/mountain views, etc).
  • Showcase the versatility of your property across seasons in multi-seasonal markets (Fall, winter, and summer).
  • Integrate property photography into social media posts, directly linking to your property pages.
  • Feature property shots in email campaigns to guide repeat guests to specific property pages.
  • Utilize social media to spotlight your homeowners’ unique and fascinating property features.

Floor Plans and Property Layouts 

Where it can be used: Your direct website, email marketing campaigns, consultation calls from potential guests.

Why use floor plan tours? Providing property information about the layout helps guests determine if a property will work for their needs and is key to helping them make informed decisions about their stay.

How to use it:

  • Integrate floor plans into your direct booking website carousel, offering comprehensive property details to keep guests engaged.
  • During phone consultations, share floor plans and direct booking links via email for a seamless experience. This not only aids lead tracking but also helps generate future communication when guests provide their email addresses.
  • Elevate guests’ experiences on your property websites with engaging 3D Tours to provide a virtual journey through your unique spaces.

Slideshow/Vertical videos  

Where it can be used: Social media, email marketing campaigns. 

Why use videos? Creating movement into your social media presence not only captivates your audience but also guides them seamlessly to your property listings. 

Ways to use it: 

  • Utilize vertical videos on Instagram stories and TikTok to spotlight specific homes, driving potential guests directly to your website.
  • Incorporate video slideshows into email marketing campaigns, providing an engaging visual experience for repeat guests.
  • Slideshow videos that feature Google views help establish accurate expectations for your properties.

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