Real Estate FAQs

Real Estate FAQs

Frequently asked questions about TruPlace Real Estate and Vacation Rental interactive floor plansWhat are the benefits of using TruPlace? TruPlace tours are an invaluable marketing tool that attracts buyers and sellers and differentiates you from your competition. And, because TruPlace is accessible online, it works for you around the clock, providing a 24/7 open house for your property. There are also the cost savings you’ll receive by creating an opportunity for faster sales. Not to mention our outstanding customer service that has inspired a number of testimonials from our clients, like this one:

“Thank you so much for the follow up with my listing in Potomac MD and my experience with TruPlace. Honestly, this is my first time, but I really like every thing including your Customer Service, the pictures and also the virtual tour…all the Realtors in my office like your service and I hope they will be contacting you when they need a Photographer and [Floor Plan] Tour service. Once again thank you for your best service and follow up.” Yework Birre, Associate Broker, Heymann Realty:

How quickly can I get a tour scheduled? Depending upon the size and location of the home, the Customer Service team can typically schedule your appointment with one of our fully-trained and managed professional photographers within 1-3 business days. We recommend calling us as soon as your listing is ready so you have options for appointment times.

When will the tour be ready? All residential Real Estate tours are completed the next business day following your appointment. You can always expect your tour after noon.

What is your pricing? Pricing for all TruPlace tours depends on what type of tour you’re looking for! We are happy to discuss your marketing needs with you to ensure you’re provided with the exact product you’re looking for. For pricing and more information regarding all TruPlace services, email the Customer Service Team at or call us at (301) 972-3201. Regular business hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm.

How do I access my photos? When you become a TruPlace customer, you are provided with your own personal TruPlace account. This is where you can manage your tours and easily download the web or print quality images associated with your tours. The great thing about your TruPlace tours is that you are granted access and usage rights to the photos without having to pay an extra fee.

What happens if it is raining or snowing during my scheduled appointment time? As long as the roads are safe and the house is accessible, we will still honor our scheduled appointment time. We will also take up to five(5) complimentary exterior photos on the next sunny day we are in the area of the property.

My house is so small. Why would I need TruPlace? The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” answers this question. A floor plan and photographs of a home can help set buyers’ expectations. Real Estate Agents and customers have told us that TruPlace was the best decision they ever made regarding their properties, regardless of the size.

Does TruPlace provide 360-degree “spin” photographs, like as a traditional virtual tour? No. We differentiate ourselves from the traditional virtual tour by using a wide-angle lens and providing a floor plan, complemented by photographs of every room, multiple exterior photographs, as well as additional high-resolution photographs. The potential buyer can view the home at their own pace and instantly view what is important to them.

Why is using TruPlace better than using a 360-degree view? The TruPlace tour provides a better overall feel for the home than those outdated, 360-degree virtual tours, which can leave the viewer dizzy and confused in regards to the layout of the home. Additionally, our “Insta-Load” technology loads much faster, which makes the tour available instantly – you and your viewers don’t have to wait for the tour to load before viewing it. Another downside of a “360 spin” is that it requires an application download, such as the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM). We do not require downloads of any kind, which is why you don’t see any technical support issues listed in our FAQs. Therefore your buyers will never get a message that says they do not have the appropriate player to view the tour. This is a great way to leave a lasting, first impression with your sellers and buyers. They will never have to wait for the tour to load.

How will my property get listed on the MLS website? All TruPlace tours are compatible with most MLS systems. With your TruPlace account, you are provides with the tour link, or, we may be able to link it directly to your MLS listing, depending on how your specific MLS system works.

Can I get new photographs taken, or supply substitutions, if I remodel my property? We can re-shoot your property for a fee. Or, if you prefer and you have purchased the Interactive Floor Plan Tour, you can take the new photographs yourself and provide them to us as long as the photographs are high quality and meet our photo standards. We understand that sometimes the owner or real estate agent will have photographs from a different season that can help show case the house. To learn more about our specific photo standards, please contact us.

Are the photographs print quality? Yes. Our print quality photographs are 300 DPI (dots per inch) with no watermark – ready for use on your website, flyers and brochures. The Web quality photographs are not suitable for printing. They are 96 DPI and have the TruPlace watermark. The web-quality photographs are perfect for social sharing, email and anything you are doing online to promote your property.

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