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What we learned from RezFest and VRMA about using Interactive Floor Plans to increase bookings and improve conversion rates

Both the VRMA Annual Conference and HomeAway’s RezFest had record attendance with vacation rental managers investigating new ways to:

  • Increase bookings
  • Navigate the distribution landscape
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Improve operations

This fall, FlipKey integrated with TruPlace to add interactive floor plans to listings, and at RezFest HomeAway showed you how they are looking to incorporate floor plans to increase conversions on their site.

The reason HomeAway and FlipKey are looking to incorporate TruPlace floor plans is because they they know floor plans work. After looking at the data and client performance, it has been proven that using Interactive Floor Plans help vacation rentals book more and book faster.



Guests are able to “see themselves” in your rentals in a meaningful way and have their most important questions about the home answered instantly. This helps them make a faster booking decision.

As a bonus, your reservation pros are able to better answer questions and make the reservation faster when they have interactive floor plans as a tool.

At TruPlace, we work everyday to answer the critical questions above:

  • Increase bookings -The independent study showed properties had 16-48% more reservations and booked 12-48 days faster over like-kind properties (based on an analysis of over 150,000 nights).
  • Navigate the distribution landscape -FlipKey has fully integrated with TruPlace to add interactive floor plans, and HomeAway showed at RezFest their intention to add interactive floor plans to listings
  • Gain a competitive advantage – By booking more and booking faster, your guests and owners benefit from a special tool which many of your competitors have not yet incorporated.
  • Improve operations -100% of reservation agents surveyed found the floor plans to be a highly effective tool to help make reservations.

And it is more affordable than you think.

At TruPlace we want to work with your team and are more than willing to answer any of your questions about floor plans, how they work with your software and website and how to measure performance.


Contact us to learn more about how interactive floor plans can help you book more and book faster.