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Interactive Floor Plans Increase Revenue among Vacation Rentals

Staggering Numbers

TruPlace recently commissioned an independent study to measure the effectiveness of using our interactive floor plan tours to increase reservations. We found that the average rental revenue was 97% higher for properties using TruPlace Interactive Floor Plan Tours.

Floor plans increase revenue

One of the reasons for higher rental revenue is that vacation rental properties book faster when they have our tours….almost two weeks faster.

Average Booking Lead time

What Discounts?

When we looked at the difference between houses and condos/villas, houses on average booked 10 days faster and condos or villas booked over 2 weeks faster when they display floor plan tours. And when you book faster you don’t need to discount, which means more money to your bottom line and for your homeowners.

TruPlace Interactive Floor Plan Tours give your guests the right information they need to book more quickly. And we make it very easy for you. Call us at 1-844-878-7522 to find out how to add our interactive floor plan tours for your properties.