TruPlace Vacation Rental FAQs

TruPlace Vacation Rental FAQs

Frequently asked questions about TruPlace Real Estate interactive floor plans  and vacation rental floor plansWhat are the benefits of using TruPlace? TruPlace tours are an invaluable marketing tool that help you book faster. In fact, studies show that rental properties using TruPlace interactive floor plan tours saw 16 to 48 percent more reservations and generated 75 to 98 percent more revenue than properties without floor plans. With professional photos and a detailed floor plan showcased in a fast, easy-to-use platform, TruPlace tours instantly provide your guests with a visual perspective of the vacation home. The floor plans and professional photos improve listing quality and give travelers the information they need to make faster decisions about choosing your vacation rental.

How quickly can I get a tour scheduled? Scheduling a tour for your property, whether you just want professional photos, or the interactive floor plan, typically takes place within a few business day. Scheduling is dependent on size and location of the home as well as whether or not the house is ready to go (clean) and unoccupied. Once you’ve decided to use TruPlace services, simply contact us to make an appointment.

What is your pricing? Pricing for all TruPlace tours depends on what you’re looking for! We are happy to discuss your marketing needs with you to ensure you’re provided with the exact information you need to make an informed decision regarding your property(ies). For pricing and more information, email the Customer Service Team at or call us at (301) 972-3201. Regular business hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm.

What should I do to prepare my property before TruPlace takes the photographs? Before TruPlace arrives, your property should be well cleaned, including picking things up off the floors and other surfaces, making beds, putting away laundry and properly placing all furniture. A good rule of thumb is to have it “rent ready.” Please note that we do not move furniture because we don’t want to be responsible for damage. Also, it is not necessary for the water to be working. TruPlace has a list of ‘photo-ready’ tips and tricks; upon scheduling, if you’d like a copy of this list, please let you Customer Service representative know and they will send you the list.

Once the tour appointment is completed, how long will it take before I can access the photos and the tour? The tour for your rental property will be available online within 1-5 business days. You will be given a TruPlace account username and password. This is where you will log in and access your tours and your photos, as well as the other features associated with your tour.

Does someone need to be on site at the property when the photographs are taken? No. Actually, we prefer the property to be unoccupied. If you need to convey to us any special instructions or needs, please do so prior to the photo shoot. We will schedule a time and obtain the key from your rental office.

May I use the photographs taken by TruPlace? Of course! All floor plans, photographs, images and maps are copyrighted and remain the property of TruPlace, Inc. However, you (the purchaser of the tour) may use the images or provide authorization for use. All tours provide you access to web quality photographs. The Deluxe Photo Tour and the Interactive Floor Plan tour provide access to print quality photographs.

Can I get new photographs taken, or supply substitutions, if I remodel my property? We can re-shoot your property for a fee. Or, if you prefer and you have purchased the Interactive Floor Plan Tour, you can take the new photographs yourself and provide them to us as long as the photographs are high quality and meet our photo standards. We understand that sometimes the owner or real estate agent will have photographs from a different season that can help show case the house. To learn more about our specific photo standards, please contact us.

Are the photographs print quality? Yes. Our print quality photographs are 300 DPI (dots per inch) with no watermark – ready for use on your website, flyers and brochures. The Web quality photographs are not suitable for printing. They are 96 DPI and have the TruPlace watermark. The web-quality photographs are perfect for social sharing, email and anything you are doing online to promote your property.

Can I get a copy of the photographs at the time of the shoot? Just like you, we take pride in our work and all of our photographs must be processed through our image correction system to ensure that the photographs you receive are perfect. As soon as the photos are perfectly processed, you will have access to them within 1-5 business days via your TruPlace account.

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